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Yucatan is a very distinctive state with a unique feel, different from the rest of Mexico. Our people differ in their warmth, calm nature and their attachment to family.
Yucatan offers different living environments:
Merida, its capital, is a multi-faceted city with a colonial downtown area that offers a cultural spirit as well as a modern northern area with multiple entertainment options.
Its seas are calm with clean-sand beaches and memorable sunsets.
Its inland villages offer a quiet, peaceful life, surrounded by countryside, and are in touch with Mayan communities that preserve a language and thousand-year-old customs.
We are a land of unique customs with unforgettable attractions.

Mérida, Yucatan

Our land offers a host of attractions, beginning with its rich Hispanic and colonial culture. Yucatan has almost 2000 Mayan settlements, among them Chichén Itza - its archaeological site was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1988 and on July 7, 2007 it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We have numerous haciendas, many of which have been converted into exclusive hotels, and we have picturesque colonial cities like Valladolid and Izamal.
Yucatán's natural attractions include an extensive coastal beach area, from Celestún to El Cuyo. There is great diversity of flora and fauna, like the famous flamingos, caves like Loltún and Calcehtok, and the cenotes (underground rivers), reservoirs of clear, cool water.


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Yucatan has a very attractive cultural heritage - the communities with the language and customs of our Mayan ancestors, together with the legacy of Spanish conquistadors, make our miscegenation or racial mixture a rich fusion of traditions. Our culture is even reflected every day in our manner of speaking and our dress style.
As the state capital, Merida has become a major cultural center for the region, offering museums, theaters, art galleries, and restaurants, among others. It is also home to the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra, which delights us performing in the iconic Jose Peon Contreras Theater.


Yo descubrí Yucatán musicalizado por Natalia Lafourcade

Yucatan is a peaceful place, characterized by its tranquility. It is an example that serene areas exist in Mexico, ideal for tourism and international investment.
It has been named the safest state in the country for the third consecutive year by the Citizens' Institute for Studies on Unsafe Conditions (ICESI in Spanish).
The rate of unsafe conditions in our state is much lower than any other city or place in America and even less than several cities in the United States.
Merida is currently considered as the safest city in Mexico, and its crime statistics are very low, as compared to other cities in the country. In Merida, we can find a friendly environment that is mostly quiet and very relaxed. There is not the lack of security feeling that you might get in other cities that are known to be more dangerous, and people is not afraid of sudden violent situations on streets, nightclubs, concerts or other places.
Statistically, Merida has had some increase in crimes; however, very few of those were related to drug cartels violence though. The felonies that have affected Merida the most, have been robberies to established businesses or homes, which has had certain impact on the economy of the State and it has made the government take actions to try to control the situation before it causes greater economic losses.
During the last years the government of Merida has invested a significant amount of money on security infrastructure and on better training and equipment for its police force, and this has helped to maintain the sense of safety that people in Merida is so proud of.


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YNS Language Center Mexico is offering the syllabus "Spanish Language and Culture Program in Mérida - México".

People who are focusing on Mayan culture or Spanish can do nothing better than to immerse themselves in the culture. Taking into a count that Spanish is the second most spoken language, this is the best opportunity for you, and you can learn a foreign language in a real context. Our program focuses on those people who loves learn a new language and but also want to have the experience of being part of this wonderful culture, in the safest and most friendly city of México.

Our program promote the four skills by the communicative approached to guarantee accuracy and fluent communication in real life situations. We are sure that the best way to learn a second language is to have a full immersion in the culture, so we offer you some different tour alternatives, where you are going to be able to practice your language skills in real situations.

The syllabus is divided in the following sections:

1. Spanish courses: These courses can be 3 or 5 hours of daily classes. According to the learner's level which can be basic, intermediate, advanced or specialized. The duration of the course can be chosen by the learner in weekly periods, taking into account five days a week and three or five hours of class a week. The learner's level will be determined by a test to be taken before the course begins. The courses begin on a weekly basis and must be paid for at least one week before the course begins.

• 25 hours a week, 5-hour daily classes from Monday to Friday: $360.00 USD
• 15 hours a week, 3-hour daily classes from Monday to Friday: $216.00 USD
• Rate per hour: $18.00 USD

2. Immersion into pre-Hispanic culture: Includes information sessions and pre-Hispanic history. The sessions can be complemented by tours to archeological sites and cenotes located in the southwest of Mexico.

• The cost will depend on the places you wish to visit, for which we kindly request you send us a listing of places you wish to visit in order to make a schedule and a tour proposal.

Visit our Tour section and Quote your tour in the Mexican southeast.

3. Immersion into mayan culture: includes information sessions and history related to the evolution of mayan culture since the arrival of the Spaniards up to present times. This historical journey involves the knowledge of changes originated by the merging of cultures and their impact on society, gastronomy, arts and entertainment. The sessions can be complemented by tours to different cities and towns located in the southwest of Mexico that are representative of these historical periods.

• The cost will depend on the places you wish to visit, for which we kindly request you send us a listing of places you wish to visit in order to make a schedule and a trip proposal.

Visit our Tour section and Quote your tour in the Mexican southeast.

4. Accommodations and Homestay: We have various options for your stay in the city of Mérida as follows:

  • Furnished apartment with utilities included: We have various options for private lodging, ideal for couples or families who wish an independent stay. The cost varies depending on the apartment and its availability. The price range is from $280.00 USD to $750.00 USD - a week. A 50% advance payment is required at least one month prior to your trip. The final price is estimated once the lodging availability is confirmed.

  • Homestay: This is ideal for students and the people who want to experience living with a Mexican family. This also will provide language practice and might create bonds and/or friendships with the people who provide the lodging. Depending on availability prices will range from $38.00 USD to $56.00 USD.A 50% advance payment is required at least one month prior to your trip. The final price is estimated once the lodging availability is confirmed.

  • Hotels or Hostels: This way you will choose the hotel or hostel where you wish to stay, we will only offer advice regarding quality, neighborhood and safety of the place in which you wish to stay. If you wish, we can provide you with a list of hotels and hotels known to us.

  • With the previously mentioned sections you will be able to create your own immersion into Spanish and Mexican culture program, since you can choose one or more of our sections, with which, besides learning or perfecting your Spanish language skills you will get the opportunity to know archeological sites, cenotes and representative towns of the Mexican culture, as you practice and reinforce what you have learnt.

All tours include transportation and guides. They do not include accommodations if they last more than one day.

Visit our Tour section and Quote your tour in the Mexican southeast.

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